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We're so excited to invite you to The Warp of The Spectrum, a long awaited collaboration between Erik Labusch and John Gaidatsis.

Come see first hand the beautiful weaves and tapestries.


Upcoming Exhibits

Earth Etchings

Running December 2020- March 2021

Exhibition Opening: Dec 5, 2020

4:00pm - 8:00pm


About the Artist:

 Richard is a land-based earth artist with his studio and work based in Southern Ontario. He was born in New Jersey and raised in the midwestern United States and on a family farm, moving to Toronto, Canada in 1987. Self-identifying as a Canadian/American artist with work bridging both countries, his art practice remains based at a live/work barn Studio in the Canadian Shield, exploring both an inner spiritual connection to nature along with environmental and climate change issues.


The Art of Greg Angus

Past Exhibits
Oak Heights (2).png

For our opening we will be featuring artworks from artists Greg Angus, Ixchel Suárez, Maria Isabel Fleury, Miguel Peraza, Renata Chubb, Richard Watts, Sheila Greenland and Sofia Powell.  Check out the Artists Page to see their Individual artist bios. This exhibit will be open until September 25th. 

About the Opening Exhibit

The Oak Heights Art Gallery opens its doors for the first time as a space where traditional and conceptual art meet. Our roster of artists varies from emerging artists to internationally acclaimed artists. Our mediums are eclectic in essence, reflecting a dynamic community. They range from photography to encaustics, from traditional tapestry weaving to formal conceptual installation art. We thrive in providing an open space where different countries, cultures, states of mind, age and gender meet in a melange of colour and texture. We welcome you to visit us, explore the Gallery, and stay connected through our upcoming solo exhibitions, events and music nights. 

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