About Us ​

The Oak Heights Art Gallery opens its doors for the first time as a space where traditional and conceptual art meet. Our roster of artists varies from emerging artists, to internationally acclaimed artists. Our mediums are eclectic in essence reflecting a dynamic community. From photography, to encaustics. From traditional tapestry weaving, to formal conceptual installation art. In this melange of colour and texture, we thrive in being an open space where different cultures, countries, state of mind, age and gender meet.

In addition to our Art Gallery, we are committed to providing a full array of unique services and memorable activities in order to fulfill the needs of this distinguished and vibrant community.

We welcome you to visit us, explore the Gallery, and stay connected through our upcoming solo exhibitions, events and music nights. 


- Ixchel Suárez

Curator/Artistic Director

341 Covert Hill Road, Oak Heights, ON, K0K 3K0

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