Sofia Powell

Sofia Powell is a Mexican/Canadian photographer and filmmaker based in Toronto. From a young age she always had an interest in the visual arts, stemming from drawing and painting. Throughout the years as she refined her painting and design skills, an interest in capturing colours, light and textures through a photographic lens emerged. Since then, she has won multiple photography competitions, participated in juried photography exhibitions and had her work published in the Halton Literary Magazine. 


Her photography style and approach varies mainly from landscape scenery in admiration of the earth’s natural diversity and beauty, to visual abstractions and closeups in nature and architecture. Although colour can be a vital element in her photographs to conveying an emotion or realistic accuracy, she has always had an inclination and preference shooting for black and white, as it can challenge herself as well as the viewer to look at a presented reality in a new way, focusing more on the elemental principles of what shapes, lines, contrasts and textures make up that image. 


Sofia’s film work primarily focuses on directing and cinematography for documentary film. She believes that through documentaries it is possible to creatively and artistically tackle topics and ideas such as immigration, cultural identities, family ties and roots. She hopes to continue her journey as a photographer and filmmaker travelling around the world sharing untold stories and supporting opportunities to elevate unheard and silenced voices. 


Sofia holds a BFA in Film Studies from Ryerson University.  

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