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Sheila Greenland

From a vantage point in her studio, Sheila sees the weather change by the minute; the colour of the lake modulates from blue to green, birds fly by, all at the same time, all very cinematic. Sheila considers herself a mixed media artist.  When she is working with watercolour, oil or acrylic it is always an act of building up and taking away until the work is satisfying. With her new abstracts, she is experimenting in letting the colours flow but still maintaining and underlying structure. 


She almost always takes an illustrative approach when painting or printmaking; as if a story is being told. When she was young, a teacher told her that she creates compositions as if drawing a stage set.  She believes some things said to us at a young age can really stick with you and come back time and again. She has always been interested in the design concept of layering and transparencies whether in the traditional medium of printmaking or using Procreate on the iPad.


In her next body of work she is incorporating blurred lines, colour and the shapes of things she has been told to fear in nature. Those living organisms will be painted realistically in watercolour from photographs as a set and then abstracted with stencils and cold wax in another grouping.


Sheila teaches 2D Design in the Art Fundamentals Certificate Program at Sheridan College and has also taught in Web Design and Computer Animation programs. Holding a BFA from Queen’s University in Kingston as well as a Postgraduate Certificate in Computer Graphics from Sheridan, another part of her career was in the film industry.  She worked at IMAX on 4 documentary features as a Production Coordinator as well as in Post-Production on 13 feature films.  

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