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Renata Chubb


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Renata Chubb is an abstract painter, born and raised in Bermuda, with teen years in British Columbia, the Bahamas, and finally settling in Ontario. 


Renata has a diploma in graphic design and worked in the design field for 20 years. This was an amazing time where she solidified her love of typography, colour, paper, composition, and all the elements and effects of visual communication. As time passed she found a disconnect in her desire to create and the venue of clients, computers and marketing goals. Craving colour and motion and unfiltered expression, she began drawing and painting.


Renata has developed an appreciation and fascination with creative expression and the creative process. How do we create? Why do we create? What do we individually each get out of the process, as well as what happens when we don't take the time to create? She believes these hands-on things are crucial to maintaining a wholeness in most people. Renata has taught painting classes and workshops in Ontario Canada. 

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Artist Statement

My work continuously circles back to the spontaneity, beauty and authenticity of abstract and expressive art – not focusing on what I see, but on how I feel – how feelings and energy can be interpreted in shape, texture, colour and line. In process my images are my own emotional filter to the outside world, my own state of being, yet upon completion I realize that they often reflect feelings, thoughts that are a broader reach than my own experience. Everything is connected. The creative process for me is a mix of inspiration, excitement, passion, panic, and chaos – but also a certain peace, and connection, a strong way to stay present.

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